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March 2014

Update on the Implantable Miniature Telescope IMT

Several patients have now undergone surgery in the United Kingdom with very satisfactory results. There is increasing awareness of the possible benefits and this technology has featured in two recent newspaper articles.

Further information is available from


ORAYA low dose X-RAY therapy

Many thousands of people in the UK now benefit from injection treatments to control wet age related macular degeneration. This has given a spectacular improvement in prognosis with those with wet AMD but does carry with it the burden of repeated hospital visits and potentially multiple injections.

Oraya is a one off treatment taking about twenty minutes using low dose x-rays to more permanently dry up the leaking areas. Data are available for subjects undergoing this treatment and then being observed for two years showing that, on average the number of injections is decreased. A small percentage of patients will be “cured” meaning that no further injections were required over a two year period.

By analysing scans and then selecting carefully, we can identify which half of the patient group is likely to do better and thus for whom the x-ray treatment maybe worthy of consideration. Further details can be found on the Optegra website by clicking of the following link -

June 2012

The implantable miniature telescope (IMT)

Having been in development for several years the new implantable miniature telescope has now been marketed by VisionCare and is available in the United Kingdom.  Unlike previous systems this has been extensively tested and approved for the use in the United States of America by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The telescope produces a high level of magnification such that image size is increased by a factor of three. Further information is available from the VisionCare website at or call 0845 652 2515.



September 2010


The M plus is a new multifocal intraocular lens from Oculentis, which works in a fundamentally different way from current multifocal implants. It is suitable both for cataract patients and those considering clear lens extraction as a means of minimising spectacle wear.

 Whilst several different forms of multifocal have been tried, many have proved disappointing because of the severity of side effects included glare, dazzle and halos around points of light.

The M plus has a revolutionary design allowing the many benefits of multifocality but without compromising quality of vision. In particular the lens design allows good contrast sensitivity which is vital, particularly in the older eye.  The M plus also comes in two “near powers” allowing patients to choose whether or not they want to read comfortably with text held close or at arms length.

For further details please contact the Sapphire Team on 0845 652 2414.


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